Silver Studded Blue – 2016 – 20 minute short film
Please contact for vimeo password.

Silver Studded Blue is a portrait-of-a-person style piece exploring themes of the fluidity of identity, gender and beauty. The film follows a night in the life of a drag queen by the name of Silver Studded Blue, who is inspired by butterflies; the metamorphosis they go through and the freedom they find.

Screened at The New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam, OUT Webfest (LA), and Silver Palm winner of Best Student Film at The Mexico International Film Festival.

Antonio Blanco aka Blanche Dubois
Dorian Black aka Dusty Limits
Perry Moore
Director / Writer: Niamh Farrelly
Producer: Lewis Spearing
Producer: Marianne Bowser
Director of Photography: William Lambert
1st AD: Emma Jackson
Production Designers: Lydia Kirkwood, Sofie Fiege
Costume Designer: Daisy Curtis
Makeup artis: Olivia Russell
Sound recordist: Lorenzo Bramati
Post sound: Ivan Kashdan
Editor: Zachary Fortais Gomm
Composed by: Jonathan Deering


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